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"Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal" Jeff Olson

Alex came to America on April 5th 1999 only knowing two words in English (Door and window). Alex found his passion for architecture while in his second year in High School. His architecture teacher was a great mentor and an important part in his academic life.

While trying to get experience, Alex sought out work in the field of architecture during his last year in High School. He worked for a local Architect before starting his college career in San Luis Obispo. During his college years he continued to work with an architect and began to acquire projects of his own. Soon, the referrals begin to come in and Alex saw himself going to school full time and working full time. He remembers coming back from architecture studio often times at 2am and still stay a few hours to finish some house or addition for a client of his. "It needs to get done this week, my client is counting on it. He is counting on me" Alex would often say. He knew what he wanted and kept focused.

He worked for a few other offices, both in Orange County and in the Bay area, before going completely solo. In 2011, after trying a handful of various business ventures, he made the decision and TOOK ACTION to start his own company, thus A2 Designs L.L.C. was born. But that was just the beginning. He is now a partner of an architecture office AGD.

The contacts and relationships that he built and nourished along the years helped him gained a uniquely unparalleled knowledge and skills. He now offers a number of things that all revolve and contribute to one another for the sole purpose of helping his clients. "The more things you can genuinely help your clients with, the happier they are... and the more satisfying and fun this journey is" Alex C.

His philosophy, his way of doing business, and his humbleness and genuine passion for helping others are what put him above many others. He often says, "people don't like to be sold, just as you or I don't like it either, people just need help with what they already want to buy".


Feel free to contact him anytime... his doors are always open to meeting positive, passionate, and exciting new people.

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